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New, $1 Masterclass Reveals a

Shockingly Simple Process... build a reliable team of enthusiastic and super performing virtual assistants around the world that can easily acquire new clients, customers, and sales to effectively scale your business day in, day out.

After this Masterclass, you will have the confidence

bring on the help you need


  • The Fundamentals of Onboarding

  • Tactics for Hiring highly skilled virtual employees

  • Finding the ideal applicants in different platforms

  • Negotiating a rate that is fair for both sides
  • Creating harmony to the team through daily huddles and weekly team meetings

  • Determining the right people in specific countries

  • First Rate Delegation of Tasks

BONUS: Discovering the ‘Talk Shop’

What’s Inside the Masterclass That Is Simple to Apply for Business Owners That Can…

Turn Into an Outsourcing Expert and Create the Ultimate

Cohesive, Collaborative Team

From: Jason Starbuck

Solana Beach, California

Today, I’m going to share with you how this shockingly simple process that no business owner has ever noticed can surely help you hire the right employees in the next 7 days and start acquiring more clients, customers, and sales as soon as possible.

What you are about to learn in this masterclass is a fresh outlook towards outsourcing enthusiastic and super performing virtual assistants that will help you scale your business effectively.

Regardless of what product you are selling.

Regardless of what services you are offering.

Regardless of the price you’ve positioned yourself on the marketplace.

I truly believe that this shockingly simple process inside the masterclass will solve your unending problems towards opportunity costs, hiring acquisition, customer support, and profits inside your business.

In fact, when you watch even half of the masterclass… you can slowly start applying what you’re going to see immediately. (And quite possibly find the right people to grow your business in just a few clicks)

The process that I’m about to share with you is the same process I’ve been using for the past few years and it helped me built multiple businesses and hired over 350 applicants around the world with ease.

You’ll be able to see the employees I’ve personally worked with and understand how I found and hire them.

And NO it didn’t take any analytical software to avoid sleazy, scammy, freelancers.

And NO it didn’t take months for me to create a reliable team that can generate extraordinary leads.

And this even has nothing to do with ads or salesy negotiations just to get them working with me.


All I did was use the same process that you are about to discover in this masterclass…

Have the right tools and swift mindset to select the perfect people to stay in my business for a very long time…

...and build a system that can help us effectively communicate with each other.

Building a solid cohesive collaboration to quickly scale and grow without barriers killing you.

Acquiring Virtual Assistants That Adore You

and Follow You Till the Ends of the Earth

Hello, my name is Jason Starbuck.

I’m the creator of the brand new and different masterclass called the ‘Hiring a VA With Confidence by Negotiating for Employee Quality and Delivering Smooth Onboarding Process.’

I started finding virtual assistants due to the fact that I needed to create a program called “Available to Ship Program.” I was on the internet for a very long time and I needed to be able to manage inventory.

At that time, inventory was considered data. And when you have this data to put through, you needed someone to manage it for you. So I needed ATS to be built however I didn’t have enough money to create a $75k - $100k project. And I also knew that I’d face challenges and mistakes along the way to achieve my vision.

So I needed a solution to make mistakes financially that wouldn’t lead me to bankruptcy. And through research, what I found is that there are a ton of people who’d be willing to help me build my vision at a fair price.

Just like you, I was once torn between the desire to sell more and to deliver a better result for my clients however... because of the limited time, I was always stuck at just wanting to deliver more and make more money for the agency.

I’d have no actual results that could really benefit the business.

Until I painfully developed a process and template documents that allow me to hire a team of reliable remote employees at any time at will stress-free!

Now, I’m happy to confidently share it with you and help you build your own team of virtual assistants, and start seeing your own results.

This shockingly simple process inside my masterclass that no one has ever talked about will help you position yourself better in the marketplace and deliver more value to the products or services you are selling. (Cause they don’t know you’re going to have a super performing team backing you up)

And if you are willing to learn, this has the ability to:

Give You Complete Control Over the Future of Your Business

Inside this $1 Masterclass, you get to see how everything is laid out for you...

  • How it will guide you throughout the onboarding process
  • Finding ideal clients
  • How to negotiate time and rate for employees
  • Effectively communicating with the whole team
  • And much more!

I’ll show you exactly how you’ll do it in a step-by-step manner so

you can start applying the process today.

"I used to "hop" from one project to another. Working with Jason made me rethink my approach to freelance work"

Norwin Lacson

"Jason's approach to team work significantly boosted our productivity, helping us deliver projects much faster"

Anna Bandura

"I love working in the close-nit team Jason had created and feel secure about my employment prospects"

Mary Ann Temblique

Are you wondering what you are going to get once you purchase the video?

This Exclusive Masterclass Includes...

The Fundamentals of Onboarding

Learn how to engage with the perfect virtual assistants you want to remotely hire through a step-by-step approach from going through their profiles on different platforms and properly engaging to them.

Tactics for Hiring Highly Skilled Virtual Employees

Discover how you can tactically get to know more freelancers and select prospect employees that may have the set of skills you need to up the game of your business.

Finding the ideal applicants in different platforms

Have the list of the leading platforms you can access online where the best virtual assistants is one contact away from becoming your long term employee.

Negotiating a rate that is fair for both sides

To work with the perfect employees that can grow your business, you need to be able to negotiate a fair salary that will make them happy to be in your team for a long time. Learn how to quickly assess their offer then turn them into your raving fans inside your business.

Creating harmony to the team through daily huddles and weekly team meetings

The key to achieving your goals inside your business is to create benchmarks that your team should achieve. By having team huddles and weekly team meetings, you get to effectively convey what you want to attain every single month and successfully finish tasks easily.

Determining the right people in specific countries

Have the ability to select the right countries you want to hire remotely. Different locations produce different sets of skills that can truly improve the status of your business.

First Rate Delegation of Tasks

Be the best leader you can be to your business and delegate tasks like a pro! Make sure that every process that needs to be done should meet the deadline but being bossy shouldn't be the solution. There's a balanced way to this.

BONUS: Discovering the ‘Talk Shop’

Here's a bonus where you learn how to effectively communicate the status of your employee. You should be able to know the 3 HOWS in the Talk Shop that will help you fully understand them regardless of culture.

I’ve watched a lot of business development and outsourcing videos in the past,

How Will This Masterclass Be Different From the Rest?

‘Hiring a VA With Confidence by Negotiating for Employee Quality and Delivering Smooth Onboarding Process’ may be shockingly simple but it is also shockingly effective.

I’ve seen tons of entrepreneurs miss valuable information in acquiring amazing employees and in the end miss opportunities that could have skyrocket their business.

What you are about to learn inside this masterclass can be used repeatedly and avoid getting some lazy, unproductive dude on the internet.

By applying the whole process, you’ll be able to distinguish the right people without getting stuck with fake ‘top-notch’ players in the market that can’t seem to meet deadlines for any tasks given.

This masterclass focuses on effectively communicating what you need in the business throughout the onboarding process and negotate the rate that both of you and the virtual assistant can be happy with. (Then you'll have the perfect applicant to join the team!)

You’ll get the skills needed for your business.

Work with the employee that can take on tasks you are not able to handle.

Generate better leads.

Acquire more customers.

...and drive better results!

You’ll eliminate the struggle of acquiring people and focus on growing your business.

Isn’t that what you want?

Would that solve your constant battle towards building a profitable and scalable business to begin with?

The Exclusive Masterclass for Entrepreneurs Who Wants to Learn How to Remotely Hire the Best Virtual Assistants…


Grab the Hiring a Va with Confidence Masterclass at our lowest for a limited time offer!

  • The Fundamentals of Onboarding - ($64.95 Value)
  • Tactics for Hiring Highly Skilled virtual employees - ($20 Value)
  • Finding the ideal applicants in different platforms - ($23 Value)
  • Negotiating a rate that is fair for both sides - ($30 Value)
  • Creating harmony to the team through daily huddles and weekly team meetings - ($10 Value)
  • Determining the right people in specific countries - ($20 Value)
  • First Rate Delegation of Tasks - ($20 Value)
  • BONUS: Discovering the ‘Talk Shop’ - ($10 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $197.95

If you are still having doubts, then let me clear them up for you with…

The Ultimate, ‘Mind-Blowing’ Guarantee

If you’ve been stuck on doing everything on your own and it keeps you from accomplishing what’s more important inside your business…

Then I know how you feel.

I have also experienced managing all the aspects of my business just to avoid costs, mistakes, and stress. The first few years have been tough but throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve found out that having like-minded people around you makes you a better business owner.

So if you are still on edge about getting this masterclass, don’t worry I have your back.

When you start watching the video, I am certain you’ll instantly know this is for you. But if you think it won’t then...

Try the whole process out for 10 days and if doesn’t help you find amazing virtual assistants that can be reliable and that can collaborate with you to improve your business…

Then you can keep the video. (Cause I’m giving it to you for FREE)

I’ll refund your $1 if you think it didn’t give you the slightest bit of edge in the marketplace and you’ll still are going to have obstacles to clear when you’re trying to outsource for your business.

You won’t have to explain anything.

If it wasn’t valuable to you...

Email me and I’ll give you back your money, no questions asked.

Sounds fair to you?

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you will learn a ton from the masterclass!


Jason Starbuck

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you…

If you have problems inside your business other than acquiring a reliable team, I would like to invite you to a safe haven filled with like-minded entrepreneurs that would love to help you out anytime.

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You will 100% be taken to the order form to purchase the video.

After that, you’ll be sent to a page where I will personally send you the link to this safe haven that I am talking about.

So act quickly. There’s no time to lose!

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